insert an image in a model to use it

I need to insert a image into a model so I can use it to extrude a cut.
The image is of a company logo with no standard font, I have not
scanned it yet so could save in several formats. any ideas?
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How are things in Kaukauna?
What is the source of the image? If the sender has Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw, he could supply an outline in DXF and your troubles would be minimized.
When converting Adobe Illustrator to DXF, it is important that the DXF contain only outline entities and no fill. Otherwise, SW can not assimilate.
Otherwise, you are stuck inserting a JPEG or BMP into a sketch and tracing.
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If you are tracing, it helps a lot to lighten up the image when you scan it or before you bring it into the sketch background. It is very hard to sketch black or blue lines on top of a black image, but it is easy when the lines in the image are a medium to light grey
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We like SW-06 taking AI files straight in. So if it is vector art, it is done. Sketch blocks are exceptionally useful also.
As far as format, inserting sketch picture (tools, sketch tools, sketch picture) recognizes lots of formats and is good.
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Blair Sutton

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