CPU: 64-bit vs 32-bit DualCore


I am planning to buy a new pc for CAD/CAM/CAE. Now, if I have to choose between two CPUs, which one should I prefer:

  1. 64-bit single core or
  2. 32-bit dual core HT?

I will mainly use the pc for:

  1. office applications;
  2. Internet;
  3. CAD: small to medium size assemblies, parts with medium complexity (Solid Works, Unigraphics);
  4. CAM: medium complexity NC programs (Unigraphics);
  5. FEA: dynamics, statics; medium size models (usually
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Which 32 bit dual core are you contemplating?

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Why don't you just get the AMD 64 bit dual core anyway? I have an AMD 64

3000+ single core and it rocks. The newest AMD dual cores are a bit pricey but the slower versions are very quite cost effective for the speed.

And there are no driver issues running windows xp 32 or 2000. And you can always dual boot if you want to run a 64 bit app like Inventor r11...

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