SolidWorks 2007 Beta coming soon

For those of you that are subscription customers, we are now accepting
participants for SolidWorks 2007 beta which will be starting in a few
weeks. We will also be holding a special SolidWorks 2007 Beta Launch
Webcast on Thursday, April 6th at 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. ET (more
information on this after you register.)
To register go to
formatting link

This year, the Beta Contest has expanded prizes to recognize the top
Beta testers who help with this Beta Program!
For a complete list of prizes:
formatting link

The Product Management Team
SolidWorks Corporation
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For an annual subscription upgrade I am willing to put in 40 hours of beta testing. You can keep the prizes.
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Dude, you're messing with my head when you start writing logic!?!!?
It's interesting, I have no interest in any of the prizes listed. And, without question, with respect to the help some of you/we offer, these prizes are freaking carrot waving shit gifts, in relative comparison!
What a joke.
.. ;^)
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Paul Salvador
btw, I'll add the obvious,... because it's such a f%$#^&@ joke!
SW Corp and it's VAR's are banking in a shit load of money, release buggy half baked software, and these piddly ass gifts are ALL they can come up with?!?!?!?
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Paul Salvador
Leverage the users for free then charge them an annual subscription for their loyalty and services. Profitable business strategy for those on the receiving end.
Year after year the releases are disappointing in terms of quality. The beta testing program as structured has not improved the quality of the software releases. Long SPR lists and removal of SP's after release to the public persist year after year beta test program or not.
The T-shirts and ipods must be really special at $1,800 each (40 hours @ $45 per hour)
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Ain't we full o pis and vinegar mateys? Yet the honey from the client is to sweet to refuse to use.... so 'tis we that feeds the machine.... What's that make us?
Alas, I could use me that little nighty vision monocular fer spyin the booty! Havin but one eye and all....
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