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I am currently using AutoCAD 2004, and would like to plot my drawing as
an image. When I use my pdf-config plotter (size Arch-C paper) the
resulting PDF refreshes when you scroll up and down in the acrobat
(haven't tested it in adobe acrobat reader though". It "refreshes"
where I've used a hatch and a wipeout in AutoCAD on top. What I would
like to do is create the PDF so that the content in the pdf is one
image of the drawing avoiding the "refresh" problem. Any help would be
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Download pdfFactory free edition (or pay for the full version). I use it all the time and it gives a true representation of the drawings. OR Set the screen to show the view you want to save and then press the Print Screen button on the keyboar, then use something like Photoshop, open a new file. Use Control-V to paste the image to the Photoshop file, save as, say, .jpg, then send to whomever.
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