AutoCAD 2005LT and Adobe 5.0

My company has AutoCAD 2005LT and up until a week ago I was able to convert DWG. files to PDF by simply going to plot and clicking Adobe PDF as if it were a plotter. It would auotmatically Plot directly to PDF File format. Somehow that ability has disappeared from the system and I cant figure out how to add adobe back as a plotter to make it produce PDF files all that it does is plot Eriched Post Script Files which I then have to convert to AdobePDF. Files and resave them in PDF Format. Does anyone know how to add adobe as a plotter so that autoCAD will plot directly to PDF format? Any input would be very useful. Thanks For taking the time to read this

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Maybe check on an autocad newsgroup?

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Go to the windows add a printer wizard and add a new local printer.

For the port pick "My Documents\*.pdf" For the drver pick "Adobe PDF Converter"

If these options are not available you may have to re-install Adobe. Or just pick anything then once the printer is installed right click on it and go to properties and see if the selections are available there in the tabs

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Steve Reinisch

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