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If you have to e mail a drawing to a friend who has a Mac, how's best to do
it? She says she can't get Express/Volo view for the Mac. Is is possible
to convert somehow to a PDF file?
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River Tramp
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Yes. Go to
formatting link
for a free (or low-cost if you don't like adware) solution or search these NGs for numerous other ways. The "deluxe" solution is to spring for a copy of Adobe Acrobat 6.0 (not the free Viewer). ___
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Paul Turvill
Try to get information about the software, installed on the Mac. If there is another Adobe-Software installed, for example Illustrator, the better way might be the export to eps. If done so, the drawing could be changed on the Mac.
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Johannes Dressel
yes you can convert a DWG to a PDF. all you need is Adobe Acrobat. it has with it a Acrobat PDF Writer. you just need to include this writer as a plotter for autocad.
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