Acad preview window

...anyway of increasing the size of the preview window when searching for a
.dwg file to open..... or is there any pic viewers like 'ACDSEE for example'
...where one can preview .dwg files
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Volo View Express. IIRC it comes with ACAD. It integrates into the Explorer, so a right click on a DWG file should open a context menu with one of the items being "View with Volo View."
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Olaf Peuss this won't work ....i want something like Explorer where i get a preview of an image file WITHOUT having to open the file....
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If you run XP and have acad 2002+ you can set the preview pics of drawings to display in your explorer window as you want, you set this in acad and then in explorer you change the view until you see the previews (it might even work in acad 2000, I've never used it so I don't know).
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someone from ACDsee posted here a ways back about what we would like it to read and have never heard from them since and I even offered to be a betatester since I'm in their hometown:-) would be nice since Volo is just not as streamlined.
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Ron McNeil

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