Load DWG file on Client's Browser

Hi, I am developing on web application in ASP.Net which will enable the
clients to view .dwg files stored on the server. As volo-view is not
supported anymore by Autodesk, what is the best option to allow clients
to view a dwg in the browser? If I use any Active-X control in my
client side script, users will be able to view the drawing ONLY IF they
are having that control installed on their machines.
Alternative solution I'm thinking of, is converting .dwg to PDF/
DWFon-the-fly so that it can be easily gets loaded in the browser. But
my source drawings contain Chinese / Korean unicode characters (txt.shx
& Simsun.ttf). So after trying number of conversions tools from number
of publishers, I couldn't get satisfactory conversion to PDF /
DWF. All
failed to convert Chinese characters. Does anyone know good conversion
As this is very urgent and crutial issue for me, any kind of input
regarding this is highly appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation.
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