Update: White Decals

Here is a site that I wasn't aware of when I first got into this white decal stuff. Notice that he is using the decal solution the way I described in a previous post.

formatting link
However, he is using the laminator for heat and pressure. My efforts have been to find a simpler and much cheaper way.

Now, take a look at this photo;

formatting link
It is not an actual decal, but it does prove that there is a cheaper way to transfer white onto black. Here's what I did;

1 - Cut a small black square from a print made on a black and white laser copier. I placed this on a piece of the Pulsar Transfer Paper.

2 - Over this I placed a "special foil" that had been coated with a "special paint". I put a piece of printer paper over this and using a low heat setting on an iron, I ironed it and then burnished it with a teaspoon. The foil peeled off nicely and the paint was stuck on the black square only.

3 - I put the result on a piece of wood and scanned it for the photo.

Now, here is the kicker. I've proved that the white paint can be transferred to black laser printing, but I cannot get any place to run the Pulsar paper in their copiers. Five places have turned me down. This means I can't take the final step using the decal solution to make an actual water slide decal.

Not to worry. This problem will be solved somehow.

Thw "special foil" is the plastic foil wrapping around a Drumstick, the ice cream cone. This worked better than aluminum foil.

The "special paint" is a small can of ordinary white acrylic paint I bought at Lowes. I thinned it with water and added talcum powder for white pigmentation. The trick is to find the best recipe so that the paint will come off the foil easily, but still stick to the black printing. I'd do more experimenting on this, but there is no use until I have laser printing on the Pulsar paper. Only then will we find out if we have a cheap way to make white decals.


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