Washing over Tamiya with Tamiya

I have a problem.
I am trying to wash over Tamiya base colour.
When I use water - the wash doesn't 'stick' well - and water creates drops.
When I use Tamiya original solvent - the wash is great but it damages
slightly base colour.
When I use water with dishwashing liquid - the wash is ok.
Would using Cidatel Colors Inks be better? Can I use Tamiya solvent with
them? Or water with dishwashing liquid?
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Well actually the 'solvent' official name is thinner - so it's purpuse to thin the paint. Sorry for using solvent name.
The soap solution - The success is limited :/ The soap sometimes makes bubbles in the paint and also when the paint dries it has a more-glossy look. I also tries Citadel Colors Ink yesterday - same problem. It has to be thinned. I will use water with small amount of dishsoap :) I have to be gentle to not produce bubbles :)
Thanks Maciek
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Just a few suggestions that i have found work well, (1) use Windex window cleaner instead of tamiya thinner, much cheaper. (2) spray the whole model with the windex before you try to attempt a wash, it makes so the wash flows into the places where it is meant to go. (3) The original painting should have been dry for at least 48 hours. (4)A good wash colour is a very slightly darker version of the original only much much thinned, then a darker version , then a darker version. (5) then some great dry brushing , after the wash is well and truely dry, probably dry brushing about 5 layers of lighter grades of colour .and away you go. Best of luck, hey try and buy some really cheap old mdels to practice on.Arc
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