Gluing this new type of plastic

I have been having problems with the new plastic coming out of
companies these days. On older kits I could use Super T cynoacryilic
glue. I am not being able to use it, it won't adhere to the plastic. I
have changed out the bottles to a new glue but it doesn't improve it.
I have to use a liquid glue like Testers glue or Tenx to glue the kit
Since I am using liquid glue I can't use my plastic dust as a filler.
The liquid glue melts the plastic so the dust becomes a ball.
I have used putty on the model but it doesn't adhere.
I have been trying to glue and get rid of seams on a superman kit and
the stuff falls out. I am currently doing the polarlights Godzilla
which is hard to glue and for the pieces to stay together until they
I am perplexed any idea on how to solve this problem.
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Odd - I use several different types of cements as well. Right now I use Tamiya Orange (high tack but slow setting), Tamiya Green (fast setting), Testors Liquid (Old Faithful), Tenax 7R, Ambroid, and Plastic Weld (for styrene or ABS or both).
Did you wash the parts first with dishwashing liquid? Sometimes the mold release tends to cause problems with adhesion (ICM kits from Russia were really bad about this!)
As for filling without putty, toss some sprue from the kit in a bottle of Tenax 7R with about 1/3 left in it to create "soup" or "goop" which can then be painted into the seams with a brush. You can clean the brush in a regular bottle of Tenax.
Cookie Sewell
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Thanks for the idea of the supre putty I will give it a wack Dan
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