WD-40 on styrene?

I'm looking to use WD-40 as a barrier for putty/filler. I'm fixing a few kit parts before setting them up for casting/molding, and I want to be able to correct seams and still take the parts apart for later casting.

Has anyone tried WD-40 on styrene or in this role? I've been using vegetable oil with some success, but am looking for a cleaner alternative.


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Mark Wilson
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Generally, a silicone spray would be used in that role but only if absolutely necessary. I've no idea what's in WD40, and silicone rubber is too expensive for me to experiment with!


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In my experience it eats plastic over time. People I've talked to who used it to lube propellers etc. found their spindles eaten up after a year or so. It's not much good for a metal preservative either as it slides off the high spots. All I use it for is rinsing metal after cleaning.

Conceivably you could use it for your project, just clean well after you're done. hth

The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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Try a thin coating of Vaseline.=20

HTH Andy

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Andy Macrae

In news: snipped-for-privacy@4ax.com, Mark Wilson bitched and moaned:

WD-40 is a petrolium based lubricant and water-proofing agent.

It would melt styrene.

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I remember in my much younger days using WD-40 & 3-in-1 oil on my models & in no time, axles & shafts were breaking. If you don't want to use a silcone spray, I'd suggest Vaseline or some sort of baby oil, maybe.

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frank may

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