Advice Please: Landscape Modeling

I'm not sure if I could have posted this to a better newsgroup, but
here goes.
I need video clips of a variety of scenic landscapes, that for the
most part will have relatively flat foregrounds, with more detail in
the distance(horizon), and then the sky(which shoud be the easy part).
3-D animation programs are not realistic enough, and since I can't
travel the world looking ofr landscapes to film, I was thinking that
the next best thing is to build small scale models of scenic
vistas.(ie: forests, mountains, artic, deserts, cliffs, or whatever
scene I can come up with.
Can anyone point me in the direction of websites and/or books that
detail the materials and processes involved in doing this sort of
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
Darren Harris
Staten Island, New York.
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Darren Harris
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Check in Model Railroad magazines and shops. Good scenery is considered to be important in that segment of the hobby. : )
Kalmbach publishing (Publishers of FSM
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put out a book on diorama construction several years ago that you might find useful if you can find it. I think the title was _The Art of the Diorama_
One useful tip I picked up from it was to use styrofoam pieces to build up the scenery, then cover them with a coating or Durham's Water Putty. It's stronger and lighter than Plaster of Paris, and takes paint well. You should be able to find it in your local Hardware store.
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Jeff C
A good CHEAP pamphlet is Life-Like's Basics for Beginners; A Guide to Model Railroading. Of the fifty tips listed, over half will work for any static diorama. I got my copy free at the local hobby shop that caters to the HO crowd. They are usually most available at Christmastime, but I've seen them pretty much throughout the year. HTH,
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The Old Timer
Try Walthers at:
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They have several photos of vistas in their online catalog -- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH
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Charles Ryan

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