wash trouble

I recently built my first model in 20 years and after airbrushing the
basecoat of dark yellow and the olive green camo on my German 88mm gun. I
mixed up a wash of raw umber and 50/50 isopropyl and brushed the model with
it. Instead of the color building up in the bottom and edges of features, it
built up around the edges of the puddles.
I am using acrylic paints. Tamiya for the base coat and the wash was model
master raw umber.
What did I do wrong?
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I'm only guessing but it was probably due to the use of the isopropyl in = the wash. Isopropyl is a solvent for Tamiya paints, I use it when = thinning them for airbrushing and for stripping kits previously painted = with Tamiya paints, it strips off Tamiya paint brilliantly!=20
When applying a wash I usually use either water soluble inks or artists = acrylics thinned with water. It always helps to make your wash with the = opposite of what you thin the paints used as the basecoat, e.g. for = enamels use an acrylic wash and for acrylics an enamel/oil wash. Of = course it also always helps to experiment on an old scrap kit first but = how many of us have found that out after the fact.
HTH Andy
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Andy Macrae
You tried to wash over a flat finish. Next time, spray a gloss coat first.
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[SM04]Serge D. Grun

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