B-24 colors for Ploesti Raid

What exactly was the color of the 'Desert Pink' color scheme? Two of the five B-24 groups (12th Air Force) involved in Operation Tidal wave were painted in this color scheme. I just tried Testor's Model Master Sand Beige and it appears way too dark. I am afraid I may have to go with one of the skin tones. What is the best 'factory fresh' color match, preferably FS# and, better yet, Testor's Model Master enamel. It may not be the best but it is what I have experience with and is what I wish to keep using. I will weather the 'factory fresh' color to my desired level of wear and tear.


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go to here, and scroll to the bottom:

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Is that the color you're looking for?

What's people's opinion of this line of paints? I've been out of building for around 5 years, and plan on getting back into it this winter. I remember liking this line back then. Still good?


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I'm working on that very thing now. I ended up using Model Master Warm Skin Tone and lightened with white in about a 4 parts white to 1part Skin Tone ratio. Looks pretty good. Jack "the 109 nut"

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Jack Horstman

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