Italian MBT Ariete: which colours?

I must premise that I'm not a really expert modelist.
I have recently bought the Trumpeter 1/35 model of Italian MBT Ariete.
I don't know which colours to use to paint this tank. The box
explanations are not so clear (they say: "TC10"). I think it's the
traditional olive-drab, but I'm not sure. Is there also another paint
scheme to use (for example, I heard about the standard 3-tones scheme)?
Thanks for your help.
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The overall green livery is RAL 6003. Best matches are Revell #361 and Model Master 1591. The closest FS match is 34102. The new three tones scheme is Green, Brown and an extra dark Grey (or Black?) but I don't have precise modelling references for this. For reference, start from this site and visit in depth all the pages related to the Ariete and the links embedded in them. You'll reach an encyclopedic knowledge on this subject:
formatting link
There are also pictures of the three-tone camo. HTH
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Luca Beato
Thanks a lot for your precise informations and for the accurate link, Luca. I will apply these colours to the model. Your help has been welcome, because I really didn't know where I could find this essential reference. Walter
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I am also building this kit. Note that Trumpeter made one serious error--they forgot to include the slit for the coaxial machine gun in the turret front plate. It is just left of the main gun (the slit for the laser rangefinder is on the opposite side, covered with a protective plate). If you don't want to mess with correcting this, photos suggest that it is often taped over when the vehicle is being transported. Otherwise, the kit is very impressive--I particularly like the engine screens, which are etched to different depths, depicting the circular grills below the top mesh, a trick Tamiya introduced on their Leopard 2A5 and 2A6 kits. Gerald Owens
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Gerald Owens
Thank you Gerald for your construction tips. I haven't compared yet the kit with photos or drawings of the tank, but (at first glance) I agree about the near-perfection of this model. I think that its level of detail and accuracy are similar (if not superior) to Tamiya models. Walter
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