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Product Review: Archer Fine Transfer dry transfer markings sheets
AR35228, Modern German National Insignia (1985 to the present); US
AR35229, Modern German National Insignia (pre 1985); US $7.95
AR35230, M2/M3 Halftrack instruments and placards, US $8.95
AR35231, M2 Halftrack, 2nd Armored Division 41st Armored Infantry,
Operation Cobra July 1944, US $6.95
AR35232, M2A1 Halftrack, 10th Armored Division, 61st Armored
Infantry, Germany Spring 1945; US $4.95
Advantages: best dry and dry/wet transfers going; again provide for
different variants of recently introduced 1/35 scale kits and upgrades
to German armor markings
Disadvantages: none noted
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for the appropriate armor fans
Woody Vondracek continues to deliver really nice and useful markings,
and his latest five sheets are as usual good choices and outstanding
Set AR35228 covers the correct sizes of Bundeswehr marking in service
since 1985, which is basically when the Germans converted over to the
new three-color standardized NATO camouflage scheme of brown, black
and olive green. 26 items in different sizes are provided for combat
Set AR35229 provides the correct sizes of Bundeswehr makings for the
1955 to 1985 period, when German armor was basically all their
equivalent of olive drab. As they are larger, there are only 20 items
on this sheet.
Set AR35230 is very handy. What many modelers may not realize is that
the dashbord in most halftracks did not use military standard
instruments, but commercial units supplied by White Motors and as such
were more of a white or aluminum color with four gauges in one
housing. This sheet provides sufficient dash panel markings for four
vehicles, as well as placards and even the "White" logo in script.
Details cover the ignition switch, speed limit warning, and
manufacturer's data plate for the "Foam Lux" fire extinguisher.
Set AR35231 provides a targeted set of markings for M2 tactical
number I-7, I (Item) Company, 3rd Battalion, 41st Armored Infantry
Regiment, during Operation Cobra in July 1944. Specific finishing
details are included.
Set AR35232 provides a targeted set of markings for M2A1 C-25, C
Company, 61st Armored Infantry Battalion, 10th Armored Division, in
Germany during spring 1945. Specific finishing details are included.
All of the sheets are done to Archer's traditional fine standards,
and researchers are credited where they provided info. 228 and 229 had
research contributed by Thomas Hartwig, 230 by Norm Samuelson, and 231
and 232 by Pat Stansell.
Overall, these are well done and well timed, and should prove handy
to modelers looking to get beyond the box decals.
Thanks to Woody Vondracek for the review samples.
Cookie Sewell
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