Coast Guard Aircfraft Models - Informatation Wanted

I am contemplating doing some models of Coast Guard Aircraft and am
curious as to the best starting places for the following:
Any advice as good starting points would be welcomed. Scale not real
important. I'd prefer 1/48, but the Herc might be a bit large
Decal Set information ?
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William R. Mattil
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The 1/72 Heller kit - even has decals. You could go with the 1/48 Testors but that is an E (the Heller is an H) and you won't be able to find decals in 1/48 for it so you will have to do your own paint.
You will need an SH-60B kit (they come in 1/72 and 1/48 versions) and the conversion kit from Cobra.
Don't know about this one.
You may also want to check out this link - they have a number of decals for USCG aircraft.
formatting link
Alger IPMS 10906 Charlotte Scale Modelers
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