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Product Review: Archer Fine Transfer New Releases
AR35245; Pz. IV Ausf. F1 & F2, 14th Panzer Division, Russia 1942;
price US $9.95
AR35246; StuG III B, C, D or E, 2/Batt StuG Abt. 221, Barbarossa to
Moscow; price $6.95
AR35247; StuG III B, C, D, E, or F; 1, 2, 3 Batt StuG III Abt. 197;
price $7.95
AR35248; Dodge 3/4 ton truck instruments and miscellaneous stencils;
price $6.95
AR35249; StuG III B, C, D, and E; Sturmgescheutz Abteilung 192; price
AR35250; M4A1 81mm mortar halftrack, 41st Armored Infantry, 2nd
Armored Division April 1944; price $6.95
Advantages: provides for correct full markings for specific vehicles
or detailed upgrades of the kit markings; conversion directions
included where necessary
Disadvantages: none noted
Rating: Highly Recommended
Recommendation: for the specific vehicles listed in the header
Wood Vondracek is one of the busiest guys I know but at least he has
good people doing his research and assistance. One thing I do recall
from the early days of AFT is that Woody would always deliver on his
promises; if he got good, useful research information on a subject he
would produce the markings. That was much better than anybody else at
the time, and today he remains as one of the most quickly reactive and
prolific producers of dry and wet transfer markings in the hobby.
These six new released recently showed up and once again are typical
of AFT's standards. All are crisp, precise, and complete where
Sheet 35245 covers Pzkw. IV F1 and F2 variants in Russia in 1942 and
are designed to compliment the recent DML "Smart Kit" release.
Designed to go on grey vehicles, the markings are in black, white and
yellow and provide for one each F1 and F2 vehicles. Directions are
provided inside the packet for modifications to the kit. Research for
this set was provided by Jussi Metsala.
Sheet 35246 covers the 221st Sturmgescheutz Battalion in Russia and
is designed for either the new Tamiya Ausf. B or the older DML kits of
the early StuG III vehicles. Markings in black, white and red are
provided for one of two vehicles, either 201 or 212, and a memorial
inscription for a dead crewman is also provided for one vehicle.
Research for this set was provided by John F. Steinman.
Sheet 35247 covers another StuG III battalion, this one being StuG
Abt. 197. It provides for two vehicles from the three batteries, but
only one from each battery may be covered. Markings are in white,
yellow, red and black. Research was again provided by Mr. Steinman.
Sheet 35249 is a third variation on StuG battalions, and this time
the subject is the 192nd Battalion. Markings are provided for two of
six possible choices with 13, 14, 24, and 34 being the preset
versions. These are quite colorful with either a red on black or
yellow on black "skull and crossbones" provided along with the
tactical markings. Again the sheet is in red, yellow, black and
Sheet 35248 is another of the excellent and time-saving sheets
covering dashboard instruments and placards, this time for the Dodge
WC-51/52 series 3/4 ton trucks. It also includes extra stencils for
antifreeze and tailgate warnings to other traffic. Markings are
provided for two vehicles. Research again was done for this sheet by
Norm Samuelson.
Sheet 35250 is for the new DML M4 81mm mortar halftrack and provides
the correct markings for vehicle 15, Headquarters, 3rd Battalion 41st
Armored Infantry Regiment, 2nd Armored Division prior to movement to
France in April 1944. It is in yellow and white and provides the
tactical and serial numbers as well as the stars and side markings.
Researched by Pat Stansell, it also provides directions on how to
convert the DML M4 to a 2nd Armored version by reversing the mortar
and changing the interior layout.
Overall these are all great sheets as we have come to expect no less
from AFT, and they have not disappointed.
Thanks to Woody Vondracek for the review samples.
Cookie Sewell
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