Use of Delta or Folk-Art Paint

Can anyone give me an idea about the use of Delta Ceramacoat or Folk-Art
acrylic paints. Are they any good as a cheaper replacement for the others
such as Tamiya? I'd like to know for both brushing and spraying.
Anyone out there with any experience with any of these two?
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Gene Lander
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Dollar Store craft acrylic paints are excellent for solid colours like white, black, brown (earth tones), gray, green, yellow, red and blue. They don't seem to come in military colours and its too much trouble trying to mix them yourself (never succeeded in mixing any). I find these craft acrylics excellent for painting diaromas.
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They brush fine but you need airbrush medium for acrylics to airbrush.
Gene Lander wrote:
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I've shot Ceramcoat a few times througha Paasche H with a #3 tip, it takes a bit if fiddling with the thinning ratio in order to get it to spray right, thin it more than you normally would.
I used Windex to thin with no problems, whatever you do, don't use rubbing or isopropyl alcohol, Ceramcoat is apprently latex based, and alcohol wil cause the latex to congeal into a blob, it's murder to get out of an airbrush (voice of experience speaking.)
I also found that due to having it thinned a bit more than normal, you need to airbrush several light coats, building up the color, this is especially true with the lighter colors, which need to go over a white or light gray base.
Some modelers are using the basic colors for detail painting, small areas, etc., I use them for sci-fi models, where I need a color that looks "right", and I don't want to shell out $2+ for a bottle of paint, where I'll use ½ or a ¼ of it, and never use the rest.
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I use them with great success. They are so much cheaper than the model specific brands. I use them for weathering rolling stock and for structure painting on the model railraod . I also use them for painting details on aircraft models, the cockpit, the figure(if I include it), the landing gear and wheels, etc.
I thin them with automotive windshield washer fluid, cheap for abt a dollar a gallon.
Now if we could just get IPMS Stockholm to do a conversion chart from FS colors to Ceramcoat colors :)
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