Couple Quick Paint Questions...

Thanks in advance for any answers advice to these newbie questions:

  1. Can you mix Gunze and Tamiya acrylic colors to make a new colour or colours you desire?
  2. Can you use Tamiya acrylic thinner with Gunze acrylic paint?
  3. For cleaning my airbrush, I have a 4L can of premium thinner out the back that says it is for use with "acrylic lacquers". Would this do a good job of cleaning my airbrush by spraying it through, between colors, and after for general airbrush cleaning?

Cheers for the advice. Appreciate it.


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Hi Dean, In my experience you CANNOT mix Gunze and Tamiya paints. Neither can you use Tamiya thinner with Gunze. It results in a gummy, thick mass which is difficult to remove from the paint cup on the air brush or any container they're mixed in. As for the thinner you have in the garage, I'd give it an experimental try in a disposable plastic cup of some kind before introducing it to the air brush or paint prepared for a project. I always thoroughly clean my a/b between each color change, however I do know modelers who clean their a/b about every 6 months and still turn out nice work. Although I don't see how !! ! ! Ol '45 Highlands Ranch, Colorado USA

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Ol' 45


Ol' 45 is correct. For some reason (proprietary no doubt) most acrylics work best with their own corporate thinner, Tamiya being one of the most finicky.

But for cleaning the airbrush after use the best (and cheapest) stuff is straight blue Windex without ammonia. Works great, and it is easy to see why one can go six months without a takedown of an airbrush (which is needed just about every time with enamels).

Cookie Sewell

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Hi again folks.

Well today I put my airbrush to its first use. It is a dual action, ebay airbrush from somewhere in Hong Kong. Works a treat though. I thinned the Tamiya acrylic with Tamiya thinner and sprayed a couple coats on. Took a while to dry which led me to believe I either put it on a bit thick, or I hadn't thinned it enough, although my guess was close to 1:1 ratio.

I ended up just useing the Tamiya thinner to run through the airbrush and clean it out. Took needle out and other basic parts and gave them a wipe with thinner and re-assembled. All good so far and seems to have done a good paint job... No orange peel and no runs. Had the airbrush compressor set at

20 PSI.
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