BMW Art Cars!

I was just looking around for BMW Art Cars and came across BMWonline.
They seem to have quite an awesome collection at a reasonable price.
Does anyone have any experience with these guys? The site looks like
it's got a good collection of models generally but I'd like an opinion
on the company.
This is a link straight to the Art Cars:
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(I did think it was pretty cool that I could send myself a link
to the catalog page I wanted)
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W Kenny
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Well, it appears to be a company *licensed by BMW*. If so, I'd guess they're held to pretty high standards. This is not to say that the models are great (I've seen some of the mediocre stuff BMW itself has sold in the past.), but that the service should be good. Personally, I'd want to look at the models up close, in person, and then go buy 'em on ebay.
More than likely, as a builder (with a strong aversion to diecasts), I'd *build* them. In fact, I have. I did the Calder Art Car in 1990 from a 1/12 scale Entex/Otaki kit. I did the Ken Done M3 a few years later from a 1/24 scale Fujimi/Testors kit. And this week, I received the Studio 27 decal set to build the Frank Stella CSL out of the ARII 1/24 kit. If I find a good deal on the Lichtenstein 320i decals, I'd do it. I'm even thinking of doing the Warhol M1 either by hand or with a decal set. -- C.R. Krieger (Been there; done that)
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C.R. Krieger
Renaissance have announced a 1/24 decal set for the Lichtenstein 320i. See
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No price yet though.
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Jo Martin
I have been collecting them for quite some time now. They are beautiful and the larger versions are unbelievable in their details. I started buying them from
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as they discount them from the BMWonline prices.
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