Possible to select all elements of a layer?


I need to select all elements of one layer and i don't know how to do that...Let's say i have bunch of text (label) on one layer(text_layer). Now i need to select all the elements of one layer (text_layer). Is there any tool to do that or is there any way to select all elements of one layer.

Your help will highly be appreciated.

Thanks musa.biralo

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2 choices: 1) isolate the layer 2) Quick select layer=text_layer

musa.biralo wrote:

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Jerry G

try this (you can't select blocks though, since it's actually on the zero layer): ;begin (defun C:SE ( / e lay ss) (setq e (nentsel "Select entity on a layer: ")) (if e (setq ss (ssget "_X" (list(cons 8 (cdr (assoc 8 (entget (car e))))))))) (if (zerop (getvar"CMDACTIVE")) (progn (sssetfirst ss ss) (princ"Everything has been selected, now get back to work!! ")) ) ss ) ;end


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