Layer Properties manager slow

In some drawings the Layer Properties Manager is very slooooooow.
You have to wait 2 minutes bevore you see all rows.
Anyone knows what the problem is?
System is Windows XP Pro
Autocad 2005 SP1
500 MB memory
Kind regards,
Gerrit Janssen
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G. Janssen
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for the rapide it's 1024 mb
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It seems video memory is to low. The pc has an onboard videocard with shared memory.
Regards, Gerrit
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G. Janssen
We have AC 2005 at work. Not only is the layer dialog box slow to load, but the plot choices are excruciatingly slow as well.
The machine I work on is new (lots of speed with 800 Front Side Bus - they tell me that's good) and 1 gig RAM. So, no, it is not your low ram that's causing the pokiness.
It seems that the slowness is generated when older drawings are opened in 2005. Even after they are saved in the newer AC, they still run slow.
The plot command picks are the worst. Each pick is 2 seconds slower than the previous one. What in tarnation is she talking about, you ask? Well, open the dialog box and pick printer - 7 sec., pick .ctb - 9 sec, pick paper size - 11 sec, etc. OOH, it makes me crazy to have to wait when I know my machine is more than capable of handling this program with these commands.
If anyone knows of a remedy to these irritants, I would really, really like to know about it.
G. Janssen wrote:
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Janice G
Have you looked at the task manager to see if any weird processes are running? You might be able to shut 'some' things down that would help.
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Dan Deckert
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S. Scalise
Thanx, but SP1 is already installed and there is only 1 filter.
Regards, Gerrit Janssen
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G. Janssen

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