speed of VBA and Lisp

I have read on autolisp help that activex is faster than lisp.
But I have translated a lisp program to VB program and it seems that VB
program is slower in execution.
The algorithm is the same in both.
I am now using VB 6.0 instead of VBA.
Are they the same?
Why is VB6 slower?
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No, they are not the same. VBA is interpreted at runtime and is generally slower than VB. However, since VBA runs inside of Autocad there is less overhead when communicating with Autocad (VB on the other hand has to deal with interprocess communication). So depending on what is being done, VBA may be faster for the given task.
If you have a lot of intensive calculations and not a lot of interaction with autocad (ie. calls to any autocad object), then VB should be faster. If you have a lot of interaction with autocad then VBA will likely be faster. Generally I program in VBA but call an ActiveX DLL (written in VB and called from VBA) if I have something computationally extensive.
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Tim Arheit

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