I do a lot of 3d work. So I need to make polylines from lines in
existing drawings. If I have lines creating a curved wall. I cant seem
to easily get the end points to connect so I can join them into a
polyline. I have seen this before but this one drawing I am currently
using is very problematic. They seem to be connected but apparently they
are not. All the lines are on a "0" Z plane.
Is there a setting for cennecting or "welding" endpoints that might be
set too high or too low that I am unaware of?
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Try out my PEDIT3D from
formatting link
(with fuzz factor) Good luck Jochen
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Are you tracing over existing lines? Running Polyline? If you use the "C" command on the last segment, it will automatically join the beginning of the first segment to created a closed profile.
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Greg Farris
I often use the Stretch command. Zoom in close to the two ends that should be joined. Command 'Stretch'. Window over both ends. Shift/Select one of the lines to remove it from the stretch. 'From Point' - end of line still selected. 'To Point' - end of other line.
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Brian Salt
Nope I tried that it didnt always work.
Greg Farris wrote:
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