AutoCAD 2002 drawing text to Excel 2000 spread sheet?

Anyone know of a way to import AutoCAD text into Excel? I've tried
some of the autolisp files available on the net (example textout.lsp)
but can't get them to create the text file. Any help would be
AutoCAD 2000
Excel 2000
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HiHO; Express Tools has a program called "rtex" or Remote Text that works with a external text file and can be edit'd with any text editor of choice. Excel reads text files so that should work.
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ToolPac 7.0 from
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contains several Text Export routines. Export text in the order selected or simply window off the text and choose the 'topdown' option. The most elaborate routine allows you to simply window off a table of text in the drawing, BOM's for example. It determines the number and order of the rows/columns of text objects automatically and exports the information to a comma delimited file that can be opened up directly in Excel.
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Terry W. Dotson
I have used this program quite a bit - it has a fully functioning demo that works for 30 days. It works directly with AutoCAD and links to an Exce; file and can go back and forth. It is pretty simple to use. Here is the site to look @...
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Good Luck, -Rob
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Robert Klob

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