Excel to Autocad 2000

Hi all:

I have a set of excel data that i need to translate into autocad dwg.

Any suggestion on how this can be done?

thanks WLP

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Pang Wei Li
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XL2Cad from Dotsoft

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S. Scalise

Dear S.Scalise:

THank you for your reply.

I have search for XL2Cad but i think i might have misled u.

Here is the scenario:

I have in excel lets say:

Natural Surface Design Surface

10.98 11.00 12.11 11.00 9.87 11.00 10.87 11.00

Is there a program that can read the figures and then draw them in Autocad?

thanks for your help!

regards WLP

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Pang Wei Li

How about copy and paste special(as autocad entities if so desired).

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