Newbie: Converting Solidworks files between Versions. (Help!)

I have just started using Solidworks after over 15 years of Autocad. I am
doing a project and am working with Solidworks 2004, my client has 2003. Is
there any way to convert the files back a version. With autocad it is not a
problem. I found all sorts of documentation converting up but not back.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
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Hi Tony,
the only way is to save back is to save as parasolid, step or another neutral format und import in SW2003. But then you have importet part and there is no featuretree, will say your customer can not modifie your parts.
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Thanks guys. That's not really what I wanted to hear but I can live and deal with it. Thanks again. I really appreciated the help
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Don't forget to complain to your VAR. If enough people yell loud enough, they can sometimes hear us.
Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems "take the garbage out, dear"
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Jerry Steiger
Nope, not possible except as a dumb solid. This means if they just want geometry they can have it, but if they want design intent they will have to upgrade, or you will have to downgrade.
The usual reason for this is that the data structures in the SW files change from year to year. I don't really know how believable this is, since SW has figured out how to read Pro/E files, and if something doesn't translate, then just that part is left as a dumb solid.
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