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Good Day,

I am tasked with converting a number of Mechanical Desktop Files 6 (assemblies and parts) to Solidworks (2003). I am not too familiar with Solidworks.

I have been using the Solidworks MDT translator in Solidworks 2003 with mixed results.

Parts are translated relatively easily, but assemblies are difficult (Parts get lost). Solidworks and MDT have a tendency to either crash or lock-up.

I was wondering if anyone had experince in this area and give me some hints as to where to look for the problems

I suspect that the issue lies in search/working path and other program parameters. Some OS parameters my be involved also.



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Does MDT6 have an IGESOUT or ACISOUT option to export an entire assembly? If so, try that. Otherwise, I tend to agree that what you may be experiencing in SolidWorks is some confusion on the part of the program regarding directory structure. IF you have MDT parts in a number of different directories try putting them all in one directory and then using the translator.

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Thanks for the reply

IGES and ACIS both work fine but the resultant is non-parametric parts

SolidWorks in their infinate wisdom (and desire to be #1) has done wonders developing translators for other CAD packages. Mechanical Desktop is one of them. SolidWorks can open the parts/assemblies directly and all the parametrics and assembly mates come in.

all in one directory

tried that no help but thanks for the suggestion.

I think the main reason may be the tremendous strain on the machine's resources by having the two apps open and working at the same time.



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