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Hello Everybody,
I had a question about creation of solids. I have recieved a .dwg
file, except all the parts are surfaces instead of solids. I am
accustomed to working with solids in Mechanical Desktop. Is there any
way to convert these surfaces to solids? Some of them are fairly
complex in shape and would be very difficult and time-consuming to
create on my own (as solids) from scratch. Any ideas? Thanks alot.
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If the surfaces are truly surfaces (no polyline meshes) . Do a to see if they are "ASSURFACE" ...
If they are single surfaces then they can be converted to a Mechanical Desktop part using the surface command AMTHICKEN using a small thickness. Once they are parts, EXPLODE them to make them SOLIDS
If they are grouped to form a multi-surface object then they can be stitched together (into a MDT part) using AMSTITCH. Once they are parts, EXPLODE them to make them SOLIDS. This is of course provided that the surface object is free of gaps.
I recommend you review SURFACE commands in MDT
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