convert surface bodies to solid bodies

Hi, Trying to get solidworks geometry into a cfd wants a
solid body but all I can generate from lofted surfaces so far is
surface bodies. Can anyone please assist with tips on how I convert
surface bodies to solid bodies? Cheers John
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Try Thicken?
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Are these fully enclosed surfaces? if so select all the surfaces and 'knit' them and select 'try to form a soild' (look up the terms in help if you are not familiar with them) if you are representing a flat surface but meaning to have say a sheet material like a sheet metal part you will need to 'thicken' the surface, in this case why did you not use the sheet metal features and avoid this?. Last is sometimes if the first example is your problem and you cannot 'make a solid' then your modeling will need some work.
Why did you use lofted surfaces? could you not use a lofted boss or lofted solid?
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Thank you all for your suggestions...especially Ben who got it in one's often the simple things that make the loudest "Duh" noise... hehehe ...thanks guys
Ben wrote:
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