AutoLISP in AutoCAD 2004?

I can't get my AutoLISP program to load with AutoCAD 2004. I am familar
with AutoCAD since version 11, and have always updated and added my mnl file
to get my own shortcuts to work. Does 2004 support this type of
modification and if so, how can I get my shortcuts back (ie 'c'=copy ,
'mr'=mirror , 'a'=array , etc.......
thanks for any help...
K Bennett
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Kirk Bennett
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The shortcuts are IMO defined in the acad.pgp. Be careful to edit the right acad.pgp. Type this to the AutoCAD command line: (findfile "acad.pgp") Then follow the location to find the file.
BTW: In the same folder you will find the acad.mnl
Kirk Bennett schrieb:
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Jürgen Palme

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