DWGEditor taking over

We are about to roll out a new installation of SolidWorks 2005. We have
setup a silent install of SW2005, but after installing the DWGEditor is now
associated with AutoCAD drawings. We have AutoCAD and would like to keep
AutoCAD associated with .dwg files. I know we could manually reassociate
.dwg files with AutoCAD, but does anyone know how to stop DWGEditor from
being set as the default viewer for .dwg files after SolidWorks 2005 is
Thanks in advance,
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If I recall, during the installation there is a box to uncheck to tell it to not grab the dwg association. But I don't know on a silent install.
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Wayne Tiffany
Thanks for the responses. I to remember seing a checkbox to not associate .dwg files with DWGEditor, but I can't find any options for the silent install. I realize that I could manually go and change the association after the install but I'd rather not do this on 25 machines. Anyone else have any suggestions?
Thanks, Chad
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Just change the file association in Windows Explorer to use AutoCAD instead of DWGEditor.
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Richard Charney

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