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This is for the folks coordinating Solidworks World 2005. I have gotten the OK from management, paid for Solidworks World 2005 along with travel and accomadations. Now when I login to fill out my agenda; I find that every session on Sunday is full. Are you going to make more room available either by adding sessions or moving sessions to larger rooms? Will you be able to increase the accomodations for some of the other popular sessions listed later in the week that are now listed as full or wait list?

-Larry Z

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Larry Zolla
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I have decided that I am not going to make more room for Sunday's sessions. Just as well, as neither myself nor anyone on comp.cad.solidworks has that authority (or do we?)

Perhaps c> This is for the folks coordinating Solidworks World 2005. I have gotten the

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The odds on getting a response from anyone involved with coordinating SWW are pretty slim. Only of couple of people from SW ever post responses here.

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Jerry Steiger

"That70sTick" wrote in news:

Oh, come on, you spoiled my fun. I was going to tell him that there would be a special room set aside for personal presentation requests, just hang out in front of the womens rest room with a camera, and someone would come shortly to take him there.


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I'm in exactly the same boat. I'm travelling all the way from New Zealand and was really hoping to attend the Cad Managers Boot Camp. I emailed swworld and asked the question but they said the session was full. I recommend you ask them the same question though as you never know what might happen if they get enought requests..

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Iain Wickens


It seems that the ONLY way to stand a good chance of getting a seat for a popular session is to be among the first to register for SolidWorks World and then sign up immediately...

While I can understand the interest in keeping the participating audience to a relatively small, managable size for easy interaction, I do NOT see why the sessions couldn't be carried by video for an interested (but passive) audience to view in other rooms of the conference area.

I attended last year in Boston and felt as though I was being penalized for not having registered soon enough. (Even meeting the early, discounted registration deadline is far too late.)

Good Luck to all,

Per O. Hoel __________________ Ia> I'm in exactly the same boat. I'm travelling all the way from New Zealand


travel and


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All of your problems will be solved with the next SolidWorks World release

2006! Seems like SW would make accommodations for everyone that pays to attend. Isn't that one of the reasons why companies require advance registration? Guess not


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The early bird gets the worm.

I have, in the past, even been to sessions for which I was registered and didn't get a seat. Many of the popular sessions are SRO. Part of the problem is that SW has to fit an unknown quantity into a finite sized building and agenda months ahead of time. Rooms come in fixed sizes and everyone's time is orchestrated down to a few minutes. SW has to have their people in every room and these same people have also been scheduled for other things. SW has a lot of key people at these things and they don't stop working at the show. So duplicating a session that is popular is difficult or impossible to do. Getting a bigger room is also difficult because of logistics and the layout of the facility. So I guess one of the problems with success is finding the resources to deal with such a crowd.

Perhaps you should get your VAR to obtain an SPR on this. Actually, going to your VAR would be a good thing to do.

Larry Zolla wrote:

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And you guys are pay>Iain,

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get to the session you want early, and sit down.

they don't take attendance, or at least they didn't last year--which is to say they have no way of knowing who to kick out of an over-subscribed session

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That doesn't work for the round-table discussions. Last year they had people posted outside the doors checking off names.


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