RealView Graphics Problem

I've set up (3) new Dell Precision 670 workstations which have exactly
the same hardware with Windows XP, SP2 with nVidia Quadro FX 3400
graphics cards.
The strange thing is that RealView graphics works fine on two of the
systems, but on the other the toolbar icon is active (illuminated) only
during the loading of an assembly or part file.
Just as the file finishes reading in, the RealView toolbar icon becomes
greyed out and the capability is NOT available.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled SolidWorks 2005, SP01.1 (with
anti-virus protection OFF) and have replaced the video drivers to no
Any hints for correcting this will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Per O. Hoel
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Try changing over one of the graphic cards, you may have a duff one.
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Oh! The other time I have seen this, was when the graphic card's fan got clogged up, obviously not in this case, but is the graphic card's fan running? Are you using the same driver version on each machine? The reason I ask, is that SW's realview will only work, "properly", with the stated driver on their web site, not the latest driver for your card.
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By chance is "Software Open GL" checked in the options menu? This will cause what you are seeing.
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Michael Eckstein
Thanks to you and the other respondents for your various suggestions.
Software Open GL is UNchecked.
The nVidia driver is the 67.22 version "approved" on the SolidWorks website.
The graphics cards all have the same bios version, but perhaps the one in my machine has a hardware problem - we'll see...
Per O. Hoel ______________________ Michael Eckste> By chance is "Software Open GL" checked in the options menu? This will cause
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Well, strangely enough, the solution was to copy the "Shaders" folder with all of its contents from another seat of SolidWorks (with RealView fully operational).
Even though SolidWorks 2005 was installed on my computer with RealView graphics features included, the "Shaders" were completely missing.
After using Windows Explorer to manually introduce them and restarting the program (after a logoff), RealView graphics display as expected!
The cure came from introducing missing files and not through a repair installation or manual Registry modification.
Case closed, but the mystery of the cause continues...
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