Help with crashing (SWX freezes)

I know there are plenty of people who have problems with SWX crashing, so I'm not sure if I'm going to get any help here, but here goes.........before I go insane.

I get a fairly regular crash of SWX (2006sp5.0) first thing in the morning, whereby SWX freezes. It occasionally happens as soon as I hit file/open, sometimes when I'm part way through opening a file, and sometimes a few minutes after I have opened a file. It certainly happens most days within the first 15 mins of use - usually much quicker.

The way it freezes is very specific. SWX stops responding, the network icon (in the status bar) stays "on", and if I try to use any menu in Windows (XPsp2) or another app the menu first appears transparent. As soon as I move my mouse to traverse the menu, it becomes opaque (i.e. normal), but whatever menu item I select becomes left permanently on the screen. For example, if I quit the frozen SWX by RMB on its button on the task bar and select "close", I'm left with the "X Close Alt+F4" menu item on the screen.

It only does this once per day, and I have no problems with any other app. Once it has happened, SWX then performs normally - i.e. just get the typical CTD once or twice, that many others seem to get!!

I completely uninstalled and reinstalled SWX last week, to no avail. NTCadCam have been no help. I'm using a Dell Precision 380 with certified nVidia driver.

Any help would be much appreciated.

John H

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John H
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Sounds like a video driver problem specific when running SolidWorks.

Double check you have the correct driver installed (SolidWorks recommended)

Reinstall video driver: completely remove all previous video driver files, folders and including registry related data. Then reinstall video driver

Check video card settings (i.e. opengl, SolidWorks)

Did you follow SolidWorks instructions on how to do a complete install of their software?


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"Kman" wrote

This was my VAR's suggestion too. In fact, I had changed to the latest "certified" driver for the QuadroFX540, only to find that this one wasn't certified for use in my Dell workstation. I therefore have reverted to the latest one certified for use with the Dell. It made no difference.


I believe so......copy SWX settings, turn off antivirus and Spybot and firewall , uninstall, delete folder and remove registry entries. Reinstall. Restore copied settings.

John H

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John H
2 general guesses - 1.your pc has a dodgy component or joint somewhere that is ok once warmed up. possibly power supply or graphcs card. a,try setting software opengl tonight for a cold start tomorrow morning without it or swap it out.... b.leave the pc on all night tommorrow and see if there is an issue with launching SW the next day
  1. there is some disruptive synchronisation activity going on with the network when you first logon?
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Thanks for the suggestions - please see comments below.


If I ever had problems with other apps, then I could believe this.

You can't easily rule out a grpahics card problem with 3D CAD!

That's worth a try...

Good point. There are a few possibilities to be tested:- - cold start i.e. powering on from stone cold (this is what I normally do and gives the problem) - warm start i.e. shutdown when warm and restart - log off and back on again

This is my gut feeling, but I don't have any real evidence and I wouldn't know where to begin to prove it or solve it.

Regards, John H

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John H

John H a écrit :


1) What is your network system server ? 2) Did you try to use SWX in local to see if that's a network problem or something else ?

Regards Philippe

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"Philippe" wrote

I don't know what the hardware spec is, but it's running Windows Server 2003 and I'm accessing it over a 100MBit wired network.

Other users don't have this same problem.

All the models/drawings are spread across multiple folders on the on the same network drive, plus my templates, toolbox parts, library features etc are on the network, so there's no way I can do any real work locally.

As I mentioned, SWX sometimes freezes as soon as I hit file/open, so it's not as if it's simply choking when trying to open a big assembly across the network.

If it is a network problem (oe which doesn't affect any other apps), does anyone have any tips to isolate and solve the problem?

I haven't always had this problem, but I can't pinpoint what brought it on. Maybe it's another app that's interfering with SWX e.g. Symantec antivirus, Spybot, Copernic Desktop Search. Maybe there's some Windows corruption.

John H

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John H

You might try reseating the memory DIMMs. swx probably accesses more memory than your other apps.

Re: networking Try taking the machine off the network completely for the cold boot.

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bill allemann


It could be a bad port on on a switch.

It really sounds like it's trying to resolve a bunch of network paths before it can continue


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You can do a 'File> Find References> Copy Files> I'd check the box to Preserve Directory Structure... Dump the whole assembly in a local temp folder.

Also uncheck Tools> Options> External References "Search file locations for external references"

Restart, disconnect the network cable then try opening the top assembly file. This way you've got everything local and SW still has to work a little to pull from the new (same old, just local) folder structure.

Should help isolate a network issue, maybe.

I just spent a week and a half, trying to figure out why my local assemblies were causing trouble, only a complete reformat and new install of WinXP "cured" it.

2¢ Whit
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