I'm crashing upon opening a drawing I did just a couple of days ago.
We've installed the 1.1 SP in the meantime (were at 0.0 2005). Any
suggestions on how to open the drawing? Can I roll back to 0.0 without
a full reinstall?
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Does it crash on one computer or several? Do you have a backup of an earlier version that will open? Is it just this one drawing? Can you open it with Software OpenGL enabled?
Sometimes the fixes SW does actually show up a problems with old files that where saved when SW still had the bug in it. In other words the problem might be something a bug in 0.0 caused that is now showing up in 1.1.
On the other hand SW just plain crashes too much for no reason that I can figure.
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Any chance you have an Excel B.O.M. in that drawing? If so let me know and I can tell you how we work around it.
Brian Harris Cobey Inc.
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