Control line airplanes for crashing?

This isn't quite radio control, but it's the closest newsgroup I could think of. Please bear with me.

I recently heard about some people that work with museums (and the like) and kids. They have the kids build simple airplanes from wood. Then an electric motor/battery is mounted on the airplane. Two kids fly and try and try crash into each other. The motors/batteries are then switch to the next pair of planes. Supposedly done indoors.

Not the normal use for model airplanes, but I wasn't wondering if anybody had heard of this or could provide me with pointers to any further information?



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Never heard of such a thing.

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I don't know about crashing them into each other, but there's control line combat in which two control line planes try to cut their attached streamers. You might want to look at

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to see if AMA has anything.


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What For You Want to Crash a Perfectly Good Airplane???

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Not sure where you can get information on this, but try a search on the web for "round the pole" flying.

The planes are as you said, electric powered and built from a variety of materials including styrofoam sheets.

a power supply runs current through thin wires to the motors. The planes are tied to the pole in the center of the room and are indeed flown as control line models. a bearing of some sort is used on the pole.

Two flyers can then chase each other around the circle, climbing or diving by increasing or decreasing the current through a rheostat.

it's pretty neat. I've seen some pretty scale stick and tissue models flying with this setup as well...

Saw it at a model show here some years ago.

cheers Papa Sharptooth

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This must be it. Thanks a lot!

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