CRASHING and unknown ERRORS accessing documents

2007 office pro sp 4.0
Having constant but intermittent crashing when working with drawings.
Sometimes allows me to save document, sometimes not.
I now have a message stating, "An unknown error occurred whilst accessing
c:\...........\ Autorecover of (file name).
I am not trying to over write the auto recovery file!
I can not save, (or as copy) anywhere!
Folder is fine, as I can use word etc.. and save to this location.
Shut down and restart has no effect.
Changing Solidworks to Solidworks-old in the registry has no effect.
Unloading add-ins have no effect.
All other programs seem to be working fine.
Any ideas?
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Try to do File, Find References (Pack and Go in 07)
If that doesn't work, try opening some of the sub-assemblies and Ctrl- Q.
beyond that, clean out your temp and run a defrag (I prefer PerfectDisk for defraging)
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