SW2004 crashworthiness

With our recent upgrade to 2004 we have had frequent crashing problems...particularly with drawings and assemblies using multiple configurations. Our VAR has heard of no such problems...Anybody out there having trouble with 2004 crashing?


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Dave Schiff
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Did you do an upgrade over a new install?

I have seen the upgrades cause more instability than the new installation.

Regards, Scott

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I have had similar experiences, but only when multible configurations was used in the same assembly. It disapeared after opening individual sub-assemblies and just view (activate) each configuration and then save. It might have something to do with lightweight sub-assemblies.

Thomas Voetmann

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Hi Dave, we had major problems installing as an upgrade to 2001 Plus SP6, but we seem to have solved it. This version is the first one that needs Admistrative rights to install it, and that was our problem. First thing, delete all references to the old Solidworks by uninstalling, deleting registry entries and deleting the folders, do a clean install with your User active but with Administration rights also active, and AV disabled. This is important as installing as Sytem Administrator and then switching back to your User without Admin rights will crash it. After installation you can switch your User access back to what it was.

This took a lot of figuring out, the new install would convert our solids to the new version but would constantly crash when opening the associated drawings.

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I had a similar problem with one of my two installs. The first was a complete rebuild of the os and was fine. The problem one was rebuilt when I installed 2003. My saving grace is, two computers are indentical in hardware, and I realised the video driver and inf update of the mother board had been revised when I collected stuff for the rebuilding of the one seat. I applied the new to the old and hasn't crashed since.

I'm just not sure which update did the trick?



Dave Schiff wrote:

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