Major problem upgrading to 2004

We have nearly had a major disaster upgrading from 2001Plus to 2004, All drawings opened in 2004 and then resaved as 2004 drawings became corrupted, either not loading or crashing. This was only the drawings not the assemblies, but if the drawings are lost all is lost. We did a full restore and switched back to 2001 Plus. Be carefull out there!!

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Phil Evans
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Did you convert your entire library of models/drawings when going to

2004? Our experience has been that it is much better to convert all models and then the drawings before anybody has a chance to use them. Too many problems with previous versions hanging around in different assemblies and so on. I am very interested if you had this problem after converting everything or not because we are planning a total upgrade to 2004 soon. Before we do that we are setting up a test server and workstations to see what changes.
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I have had no problems converting drawings, part & assemblies from 2003 to

2004, but I remember an earlier release (possibly 2001 or 2001+) had a major problem with mates & incontext relationships from earlier releases.

Have you tried converting from 2001+ to 2003 first, then 2003 to 2004.

If all else fails - talk to your VAR!!

Merry :-)

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Merry Owen

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