Major mods to dicast boilers

I've made major mods to dicast boilers [e.g. replacing cast-on domes with
brass] by brute force: grinding and or sawing the old feature off. It's
brutal and time-consuming. What am I missing [besides patience] ?
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Norm Dresner
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Maybe use a mill?
Those that have room & money graduate from hand tools & Dremel tool to some kind of mill; used Bridgeport, "small" verticle mill or something like a Sherline. Once you have one of these then you find more projects that "need" such a tool.
I had a Sherline mill (which can be converted to small lathe) with lots of accessories and while I got out of the hobby before I used it, it seemed a useful tool for a model railroader.
If you want to check them out go to:
formatting link
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Charles Seyferlich
=>What am I missing [besides patience] ? => => TIA => Norm
A milling machine and a drll press.
But you'll still need lots of patience. :-)
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Wolf Kirchmeir
Also a good vise and a real die-grinder (not a 'dremel' sized tool). A die-grinder and a good bur can literally sculpt soft metals. It's not precise, so leave enough to finish with a file. A Mill is certainly better, but LOTS more expensive.
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Daniel A. Mitchell

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