4x6 bandsaw mods

There are various web sites showing modifications to the ubiquitous 4x6 HV bandsaw (Roy's is a good one). I made a few of the mods shown, but I put a twist on a couple of them.

One site showed a drill press vise mounted on a plate, which was then held by the saw's vise. The plate could be extended towards the blade and this allowed cutting pieces that were too short to be held by the saw's vise. The trouble with that, for me, was that the saw blade guide wouldn't clear the DP vise. So I turned the vise on end and it worked just fine:

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Another mod suggested was to replace the very light weight vise wheel with something heavy, to get some inertia to speed up lengthy movements. One guy cut a wheel out of plate. I went to the junk pile and found this:
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's cast iron and weighs a few pounds. Give it a flick and it spins about 4 revs. It's a collar used to hold plates on a weight lifting bar!


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