Height of 4x6 bandsaw

I just bought an HF 4x6 bandsaw and was going to make a stand for it today.

I was planning on making the stand tall enough so that the vise is around 30" off the ground. However, when reading the 4x6 pages online and reading about the stands other people have made, all of the stands seem to place the vice at around 20" off the ground (if not lower).

I'm used to working with machines at a higher level from my wood working experience. However, I'm guessing that there is a reason why all the commercial and homebuilt stands are so low. Is it because a lower center of gravity is more stable or that cutoffs don't have as far to drop to the ground? Yes, I'm reaching for ideas.

The reasons why I was considering making the stand higher was that it would seem to be easier to use the saw in the vertical mode. Plus, I was planning on having more storage space underneath the saw.

Anyway, I'm looking for insight and rants from the rcm crew before making the worlds tallest 4x6 bandsaw at 30".

Regards, Aaron

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Aaron Kushner
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Can't speak for anyone else, but when I'm using my H/V in the vertical, I close the vice and sit on the end of the machine. As far as raising it, when you're trying to load a six foot piece of 3" round into it, those extra ten inches might not be what you want. If you have the stand that came with it, running cross braces between the legs makes a world of difference. Makes the shakies go away.

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Lennie the Lurker

I used my bandsaw at the stock height for a week before giving up and making it quite a bit higher. If I remember correctly, I ended up at about 35". I've had it for about a year now and have never had any stability problems. It is a little high in vertical mode but I actually like it at that height.

Some pictures here:

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