Repairing 1930 Model A grille shell cracks, stainless

Hi, I'm planning to weld up several cracks in my stainless model A grille shell, around the filler neck, and another below the crank handle hole. It needs to be polished and not be too noticable when finished.

I've read several threads on welding stainless, I understand the need for back purging. I have a Kemmpi 150 Amp inverter tig, DC only, and I can do a reasonable weld on mild steel with it, though I still need more practice.

I've got a piece of stainless sheet from the inside of a cleanmaid dishwasher to practice on, I plan to put some cuts in that and weld it up and smooth and polish the weld, before going at the real thing.

Anyone ever done one of these, any tips on getting a nice job?



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