Mods to Aprilia SR50 Ditech Scooter

1) Forum user "Scootnfast" recommends a coalescing air
filter between the 3 ml / stroke injection air assist pump and the 8
micron fuel /
air injector which is the core of Ditech. Installed with
good results. More than 5000 miles made a need for cleaning obvious.
Cleaned the line with good results.
2) New tires and brake discs.
3) Luggage rack and New Concept luggage box.
4) Large bright yellow waterproof duffel low and forward as
recommended by Commw. Va. DMV, carried several times for hundreds of
miles with good control. It could use an integrated strap, see (5).
5) Screw eyes at rear of floorboards replace sheet metal screws and
allow lashing.
6) New passenger seat cushion and analysis: Aprilia's replacement is
molded to a too-sharp radius for the fabric and tension used. The
front corners fail, water is absorbed, and the Queen gets wet pants. :
7) Cigarette lighter, of course. Powers anything. Can be used to
charge battery.
8) Maxwell Technologies 15 WVDC, 58 F Boostcap ultracapacitor. Wow,
does this thing crank with that on line, with much less voltage sag.
Do not connect discharged cap to battery; charge with short-proof
supply and connect live with great care. 1000 A into short circuit;
ESR 0.1 ohm.
9) A pewter casting extended a failed / vandalized engine casting. 40
hours of work saved $1200 half-engine replacement including labor, and
left me with good pewter casting abilities.
10) A mini-windshield of Lexan.
11) A good cover in Urban Camo.
1) Integration of coalescing filter and propane injection. The filter
will go under the helmet box under the seat. The liquid-filled gage
will protrude into the box. The propane line will be switched by (2).
Propane is to bleed into injection air to surround the 8 micron fuel
spray with well-mixed air/vapor for even faster combustion.
Patentable? Some have written of it.
2) Installation of OEM injector drain. You only get one chance to
drill the drain hole in the injector cap. The cap is not available
separately. When the engine gets turned off, a delay timer vents the
goop through a hose.
3) A sound system
4) Earspeakers and mic for my full-face, required in Commw. Va. (no
earbuds allowed)
5) Piston top ring gas porting will pressurize that ring against the
cylinder wall during the power stroke through small holes drlled with
axis line on the inner wall of the ring groove.
6) Silicone muffler paint for piston crown
7) Silicone muffler paint for the Leo Vince ZX muffler, with bee
graphics. (Yellow / Black scooter is called the Bumblebee)
Drop by some time!
Douglas (Dana) Goncz, CPS
Replikon Research Consumer Craft and Conference Center
Seven Corners, VA 22044-0394
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The Dougster
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Hey Doug,
Sounds like you've been busy. Too busy to visit us here very often anyway!! Good for you !!!!!!! Hope all is going well. Looks like it is!
I couldn't find your email address when I wanted to send you something a week or so ago, which you probably already know about, but here it is anyway:
Looked kinda interesting, and something I know you'd like to have. Supposedly you can make the first one yourself.
Take care. Don't be a stranger.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
Bothwell? Why, I could practically *drive* there! Once I drove to Cleveland for Hands Across America in a '75 AMC Pacer! You could grow African Violets in that thing all winter long, it had so much glass. I fell asleep and missed the event, lying on the front *bench* seat, in the summer heat.
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