Razor spark scooter: what is that sparker?

My brother-in-law gave one of my kids a Razor brand sparking scooter
last month. I've looked at the sparker thing and it appears to be a
solid block of some soft metal. It isn't as brittle as sparker flints.
It works really well at giving large trails of sparks along the
sidewalk. I'm curious what the sparker is and if it could be used for
simple home-made pyrotechnics (like sparkers from lighters can be:
pull out the "flint" heat it in a flame until glowing, the spring
from the lighter is good for holding the flint in a flame, then dash
against a hard flame-proof surface: explosion of sparks).
presumed metal content
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Eli the Bearded
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Means your kid needs to lose 300 pounds, the scooter is bottoming out?
Probably something with Ronsonol flints that touch the asphalt.
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Eli the Bearded wrote:
Probably pot metal with ferrocerium mixed through it.
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Stormin Mormon
From the writeup on Amazon.com selling them: "Spark Cartridge containing 5 flint pads for 20% more sparks than other brands on the market."
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Larry Jaques
Reading the article on ferrocerium at wikipedia was enlightening. Seems like cerium (a rare earth metal) is really good at making sparks, and mixing other metals helps change the brightness, brittleness, etc.
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Elijah ------ wondering how likely these scooters are to start fires
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Eli the Bearded

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