What about plasma hardened razor blades?

I remember back as a student in the 1980's I managed to plasma harden
some steel with RF and some low pressure hydrogen and another couple of
gases (with others.)
I am wondering why I can't buy plasma hardened razor blades since I'm
fed up changing my razor blade every 4 days, and want something to last
a month.
Possibly the idea is that you keep buying blades, but I'm willing to
pay more for something which lasts longer.
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You're right, the stuff ain't all that hard but that's not what's doing your razor blades in... it's corrosion, from what I hear.
There are many examples of a superior product not competing good enough, price wise, to stay on the market.
Alvin in AZ (knife knut)
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Thanks for the info. Perhaps they will make a titanium blade which lasts, but in the meanwhile I will try cleaning and drying my razor.
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Also try the women's line of razors. Venus for one.
For some reason, the women's products work better and last longer....
More discerning customer base? More likely to bitch at manufacturers? Manly men think nicks and cuts are manly? Who knows.
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Captain Dondo
Had a discussion on this issue with my dermatologist. She suggests the Venus ones. I think they are the same as the Gillette Mach 3, but not sure. I did a simple test of conventional safety razor (Wilkinson Sword blades, my favorite) in a Hoffritiz razor, versus a Mach 3 from Gillete. The Mach 3 definitely gives a closer shave. I am not particularly heavy bearded, but if I am out-of-doors all day, I do get some skin irritation.
I get about 3 weeks from a Gillette Mach 3, versus a week, at best, from a Wilkinson Sword safety razor blade.
What is everyone else's experience???
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"professorpaul" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@l28g2000cwl.googlegroups.com:
I get 14 shaves from a Mach3 as long as the edge doesn't tear, then they are like shaving with a garden rake.
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I've been using the same razor for about a year and a half now. I've only had to sharpen it twice. It cost me £15 from ebay. They are still available, item number 170109424158
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Lachlan - KotU
Bruce wrote in news:Xns9B5788F3229D0xxxyyyzzz@
They're intended for cutting thicker, tougher hair than many men's beards ever get to be.
The original [carbon-] or the later [stainless-] version?
The originals were good for up to 6 times before they had to be sharpened/honed while the later ones are only good for 3 at most.
For the money, Gillette Super Blue blades (use once then discard) are MY best bet for a Gillette product.
For a multi-blade, the Schick FX does better than anything I've had from Gillette since the early [short, fat] Gillette Adjustable double-edge.
That's odd - that's what they're like for me right out of the package.
You must not have a tough beard.
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"RAM³" wrote in news:Xns9B57E1C42E5A3s31924netscapenet@
Or your supplier is selling fakes.
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Bruce wrote in news:Xns9B584F8C38A7Fxxxyyyzzz@
Mine isn't.
I've had several barbers compare my whiskers to piano/MIG wire.
They usually have to sharpen/replace [NOT strop] their razors' blades at least once while they're giving me a shave.
A few simply refuse to shave me.
I usually have to replace blades in electric razors quarterly.
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Go to a better barber.
Any beard is no match for enough soap and water. The water has to be hot.
I too have pig bristles in place of beard hair, and I was taught to use a "lot" of hot water.
Mind you, these days, I use one-time-use disposable razors, as this gives me the best shave.
Regards Charles
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Tried waxing? Worked for my old girlfriend...Barbwire Betty.
If you want to stand out in the crowd... check the alleys for escape routes, first
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brian w edginton

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