Spark arrestors

Because he thought it would keep my neighbors happy (and the building inspector happy) our engineer has spec'ed a spark arrestor to go in the powered exhaust system for our four forges. (Not that I expect much in the way of sparks off a coal fire, but there may be times when we want to burn charcoal.)

It's a $1000+ item. The fool thing has no moving parts. It works by disturbing the laminar flow so that the sparks lose their 'insulation', the pocket of warm air around them, and burn out quickly.

We pushed back and suggested that a bit of relatively fine screen at the throat of the forge hood and the fact that the air is passing through a big ol' squirrelcage blower ad the exhaust end should have the same effect, to which the engineer said. "Yeah, that should probably work." Jeeze.

Anyway, anyone have any experience in this department?

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I have a powered ventilation system in my shop. We are set up for up to five coal forges but currently have only two hooked up. Please give me a call and chat. The vent system i found was cheap (reletively) and made specifically for the purpose of venting hot coal furnace gases.

As far as spark arrestors, I have not noticed coal giving off any sparks that last more than about 4 feet. They oftne involve wet coal or stones in the coal exploding and sending bits at high speeds. Certainly not something that will make it up the chimney, over the road and into someones trash bin to start a fire.

Give me a ring. I am in PA. In fact, stop by this weekend, we are having a hammer in on saturday,

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Andrew Molinaro

We build firescreens in our shop. We stuffed a bunch of scrap screen into the stack on our coal forge to keep any sparks from setting the Katy Prairie afire when it's dry.

The screen was 10 mesh 304 ss.

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Tom Stovall

When Tom Stovall put fingers to keys it was 10/5/06 8:59 AM...

Good to know. How long have you been successfully not setting fire to the Prairie?

How much is 'a bunch'?

- CW

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We've had a working blacksmith shop in the local "history park" (Kelly Park, San Jose, CA) for many years.

Last year the local fire martial came by and said we couldn't have a fire INSIDE a public building - fires were unsafe!!! (Ever try to tell the color of hot iron out in he sun???)



Carl wrote:

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John O. Kopf

The screen has been in the stack for seven or eight years.

Enough to completely fill about a foot of stack with wadded up scrap screen.

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Tom Stovall

Sheesh indeed. I'm putting in another workshop shed soon (the others are full of raw material). At the moment I work outside with my forge and you can judge colours, but can't wait to have a nice dark work place and have an easier time.

The sun is really bright here at the moment and judging the colours on a hot piece of metal is really no joy, I scramble for shade on occasion, so I sympathise.

Regards Charles

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